Comtrade System Integration participated in this year’s Technobank conference held on 29 – 30 March in Belgrade, as Platinum Sponsor. Technobank is the leading regional event that showcases the latest banking technologies and enables industry experts to exchange opinions and share trends.

Comtrade System Integration presented a range of digital solutions that help banks improve operational efficiency, cut costs, enhance customer satisfaction and explore new market opportunities. The solutions are designed to support digital transformation of the banking sector and enable clients to achieve compliance with changing industry regulations.

On the first day of the conference, Srdjan Mladjenovic, Business Development Manager at Comtrade System Integration heled a lecture titled “BMP: A platform for digital transformation”. In his lecture, he explained how banks can use BPM to streamline processes and improve decision-making to bolster profitability.

During the second day, Nenad Maric, Fintech Senior Business Development Manager at Comtrade and Momchil Elenkov, Global Telekom Partnerships Manager at Viber, took the stage to talk about Viber’s banking platform. In their presentation titled “Let Viber be your thing”, they explained how banks can leverage Viber platform to offer innovative payment services and boost customer experience.

Comtrade’s stand at Technobank was well-received by the attendees, who had the opportunity to sample wine from Hilandar Monastery, try on a pair of VR glasses and watch a magician perform various entertaining tricks.

Among the topics presented at Technobank were also Cloud Computing, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), modern ICT banking infrastructure, digital archiving and document management systems, social networks and many others.